Before finding a job maybe you want some advice? Guidance? You do not know where to go? Professionally speaking? Our counselor & HR Specialist can talk with you. Schedule a meeting if you want.

What You Receive?

Counseling & Career Guidance (exercises, role-play situation, training, workshop, open discussion - everything between you and the counselor).

Your Files for Professional Objectives (Improving your resume, letter of intent, e-mail campaigns, recommendation of various fields for employment).

Subscription to Day 2 Trust training programs: How to find the suitable job for you; What are your rights as a candidate and employee?; How to motivate yourself in tough moments?; How to promote yourself on the labour market without using the internet + much more trainings & workshops.

Recommendation for employment: Do you want to select together the employers that match with your profile? We can do that!

Are you interested to find further information? Contact us!

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How can Day 2 Trust help you?

BULLET BIG-02  Career Counseling

BULLET BIG-02   Professional Training

BULLET BIG-02   Labour Market Recommendation

BULLET BIG-02  Identifying professional opportunities (jobs, internships, competitions, workshops and so on)

BULLET BIG-02   Candidates Documentation (Resumes, Letter of Intent, e-mails, social media files, employer approach and much more).


Do you want to hire people in one or more of the departments from the company which you represent? Are you thinking to offer a training period for the companies employees (sales, recruitment, marketing & communication, workshops, trainings for motivating the entire personnel – also role plays, various exercises and more)?

Get in touch with one of the Day 2 Trust Consultants.