Which Profession Suits You Best?

Day 2 Trust & Hyperion University

On March 1st, 2017, Day 2 Trust in partnership with Hyperion University Foundation launched the project “Which Profession Suits You Best”, within Hyperion University, Bucharest.

The project contains workshop sessions with exercises aimed to identify the profession that it is recommended for the participants and the method through which they can integrate in that profession.

What job is suitable for me? What can I do after I finish my studies? Can I change my profession? I don’t know what abilities I have, how can I find out? In which professional field my skills can be useful?  There are some companies I can work with? Do you want a professional Day 2 Trust counseling session?

The questions above reflect an important part of the way it is structured the workshop. Day 2 Trust HR Specialist Mihai Silviu Botezatu and IT & C Specialist Stelian Adrian Drăghici created and coordinated the entire interactive exercises for: Employment Interview, managing the evaluation tests of the candidates, Identifying the social-professional abilities using the method “What can I do or built, professionally speaking, with what I do in my personal life/free time? In addition, there were presented professional hiring or internship opportunities and the interested persons can send a resume or request a counseling session at: consiliere@day2trust.com

The workshop took place at the Journalism & Psychology Faculties within Hyperion University, Bucharest.

Regarding this occasion, Day 2 Trust thanks to all students and professors within the Journalism & Psychology classes and Mrs. Olivia Stanescu for involvement & support.


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