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Day 2 Trust – Why it exists and how it may help you

Every single one of us wants a motivating job that can makes us work with pleasure and involvement at the office, during the field operations, in various client-visits and so on.

Maybe reading this section you consider that, from a professional point of view, you can do more.

Have you thought that you or the people around you could be sad because of a misguided profession or lack of career guidance?

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Taking into consideration the above information Day 2 Trust is trying to offer balance, guidance and strategy for people that are determined to evolve, improve or rebuild themselves professionally speaking.

Furthermore, companies that need personnel recruitment, IT & C services or to organize an event, have the chance to be in touch with Day 2 Trust consultants that will offer assistance right at the companies’ office.

Day 2 Trust offers the following services:

1.Career Counseling Training: For candidates, students, volunteers, employees, entrepreneurs, business administrators and so on. You will find specific instruments (exercises, role-play, tests, open discussions & much more).

Day 2 Trust team delivers also trainings in the following domain HR, Sales, Team-Work, Individual Group Motivation, How to promote your business without using the internet etc.

2. Recruitment: HR Consultants provide recruitment from A to Z fields: Architects, workers, call center operators, IT specialists, translators, office managers, sales consultants, accountants etc.

3. IT & C: Maintenance, Assistance, Program Installing/Uninstalling (Software, Hardware), Graphic Design.

4. Organizing Promoting Events: Companies and persons that are searching for help in organizing or promoting an event, a party, a special workshop, training and so on can reach us in order to design properly future cool events!

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