What Expectations Should a Young Graduate Have From his First Job?

The costs of university studies and related activities are not negligible. Thus, it is important that during our “learning period” to identify which professional field suits us. With the help of internships, of our college and, eventually, the advice of career and professional counselors, we can have a good chance to recognize exactly what suits our personality — perhaps we prefer a job with dynamic activities, with a high level of complexity or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, one which require simple work and the examples may continue.

So, after we have identified what we wish to do, we must also set some expectations. We apply for certain jobs (maybe even while we are still in college), learn through volunteer internship and, of course, we grow and develop within a company — these being just some of the various possibilities.

For our first job it is appropriate for our expectations to be linked to integration, accomodation with the organizational environment, the possibility to work in a team, to meet deadlines and so on. Clearly salary is also important, but in the first few months of work or in the first year, we need to make an effort to try to orient ourselves to obtain the best results from our work. Benefits will come in the course of our organizational evolution.

Integration, familiarizing ourselves with routine activities and identifying our own creative capacities, resolving problems, recognizing and learning from our mistakes, testing our limits, passing from one project to another, and performing both multitasking activities and simple activities that necessitate careful work represent just some of the situations on which we need to focus, as they ensure the strengthening and further development of our own potential regarding our career path.


A first job can be a part-time one, project-based, full-time, occasional, weekend-only and so on. Important, however, is to get to know the concept of responsibility — this is a great gain which can help us even in our academic activities:  We synthesize information better, we retain more easily subjects which before seemed difficult to understand, we communicate more fluently, we manage more efficiently both our study time and our free time and of course usually, depending on the job we have, the advantages are diverse.

Silviu Botezatu