How Are You Supposed To Act After Your Job Interview?

Oportunitate cariera profesionala stabila:

You may happen to attend several job interviews including the one in accordance with your professional aspirations. What are you going to do next?

Oportunitate cariera profesionala stabila:

Let’s suppose you get called to an interview at a company you highly esteem and for which you would like to work. After the meeting with the employer / interviewer is over it is recommended to act in the following manner:

1. Before leaving the company’s building you can tell the interviewer what motivates you to work, thus emphasizing the fact that you would like to get the respective job.

2. Once you get home you can e-mail the interviewer in order to thank them for their time and to make them aware again, in a succinct manner (one or two phrases), of your interest for the respective job. You can do that on the very day you attended the interview or next day at the latest.

3. If the interviewer hasn’t called you back within the time frame they said they would, then you can contact them.

4. Perform your own analysis. Write down all the weak and the strong points you consider you showed during the interview.

5. Think about how you would have wanted the interview to have been organized and what could have gone better. Maybe there were certain key questions you could have asked.

6. Actively relax: Take a walk, talk with your family / friends about how the interview went.

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